SOHO/Business Services

Keeping your business computers up and running is vitally important to practically any business today. We aim to be with you the same day for urgent problems and will do our best to get things fixed on site so you can get back to work.
As well as any problems you may have with your computers we also can help with:

Assisting in choosing and purchasing equipment

    • We can look for systems from your preferred supplier, suggest where or supply direct

Setting up new computers/monitors etc

      • Many like to work with multi monitor systems and have backup batteries so work is safe in the event of a power failure

Setting up small business servers and storage (NAS)

    • This includes running services such as VPNs for remote access and backup systems that can keep many versions of files

Managing users and security

    • Allowing users to have access to services and data they don’t need can be a security issue. We can help identify where you may have vulnerabilities

Remote support

    • Many problems can be dealt with remotely so we can login to your system and see exactly what your issue is and get it sorted much faster

Websites and emails

Setting up websites and email addresses that reflect on your business (See Website services page)

    • We recommend Microsoft 365 Business with its powerful Exchange server

Automated backups

    • Remembering to backup your data can be a recipe for disaster. Having peace of mind backups are done automatically will mean you don’t need to worry

Anti-virus/malware and ransomware protection

Custom PC builds for systems that need to run demanding software like CAD etc

Advice and maintenance of Networks

    • We can design and setup secure networks to isolate different systems for a more secure environment. This includes phones, computers and IOT devices.
    • Data cabinet setup and maintenance
    • Wi-Fi setup
    • Switches and routers

Please get in touch whatever your needs we can help and advise. Visit our contact page or email