Residential Services

Whether you use your computer for gaming, web browsing, research or email we can help you get any problems you have sorted as quickly as possible!

We offer a huge range of services to keep your computer up and running. Take a look at the list below to see just some of what we can offer:

Remote support

We can offer remote support without visiting your home. This can be advantages to both client and us as we don’t have the expense of travelling to you so can pass the saving on.
Remotely we can offer our computer service option, fix any software errors, for example emails and applications.

Computer Service

Think of this like a car service but for your computer! We physically clean your computer of all dust and cobwebs that build up over time, then we remove any unwanted/unneeded software that is slowing your computer down. We also update Windows to the latest version and make sure the anti-virus is up-to date. After a service we can also advise if any upgrades are available to speed things up which leads us to….

Hardware Upgrades

Upgrading your computers hardware can be a cheaper way to get more from it than just simply buying a new computer. Depending on specification, upgrading your current computer could end up giving you more of a performance boost than buying a new cheap computer!
Upgrading components includes adding more memory (SSD, HDD and RAM), better graphics card and faster CPU.

Every computer is different so we can advise what would be the most beneficial to you.


We can help with any computer related problem from your computer not turning on, to a peripheral not functioning correctly or application not functioning correctly. We can diagnose and seek to repair the problem, usually on site, the same day and will advise you of your options and costs before agreeing to and performing any work.

System Builds/Gaming PCs

We can design and build a PC for any scenario. Just tell us what you need and we will research and build what you require for whatever budget you have. For the case of gaming PCs just tell us what games you want to play and preferred FPS/resolution and we can work from there. Contact us for more information. 

Software Upgrades

Windows 11 has recently been released. This version boosts improved performance and security, but has left a lot of older hardware behind. We can assess if your current computer is compatible and  what steps to take if it is not.
We can identify and attempt to fix any issues your computer has so the upgrade can finish.
We also highly recommend Microsoft 365 for your office work and can help you update and move any data over to it safely and securely.


These days the network we use our computer on is expected to work at all times from accessing a website to accessing files stored online.
We can ensure your access to the biggest network of all (The internet!) is working at its best.
We can also ensure your local network is running smoothly so all your computers can communicate without any issues.

Wi-Fi issues

Wireless networking can be a real headache to fix if you live in a big house or have a lot of interference from other devices.
We can advise what product will best suit the property and setup everything required.


Security is a big problem for every computer user. There are a lot of people trying their best to get access to your personal data or using your computer to try and steal other peoples!
Fortunately we can advise what you can do best to limit any attempts to steal data; From using strong passwords to 2-factor authentication to make it harder for criminals.

Virus and Malware removal

We can scan and remove any virus that may have infected your computer and attempt to recover any files that may have been affected.
We will then fully test your system to ensure it is clean and ready for use again.

This list is just a few of the things we can help you with so whatever the issue please contact us to discuss your requirements.