FTTP router and VLAN setup

Exisiting client upgraded to FTTP (Fibre to Premises) which gave them substantially faster internet access. While the router supplied was ok it lacked advanced funtions to setup VLANs.
We installed and setup a Draytek 2927 router with Netgear managed switches so his work and home systems could be isolated from each other.
A fibre line was used from the router to the office as the distance was over ethernets maximum.

MG Computing server

Doing some work on one of our own servers recently. Adding more storage space this time. The specs for this server are a Xeon CPU with ECC RAM, NVMe storage for virtual servers and 10Gbe network card.

Microsoft 365 Business for new business

Client contacted us as they were starting a new business and wanted emails and office setup on a web domain they had already purchased.
Microsoft 365 Business Standard was purchased and domain setup to forward email to Exchange.
Microsoft Office was installed on new laptop that was purchased following our advice.

Windows 11 has arrived

After a long wait Microsoft have released Windows 11. It offers better integration with MS Teams and better security. Updates will be 40% smaller and the start menu has had a complete redesign.
All computers we recommend and build will be 100% Windows 11 compatible and we are here to help upgrade older computers that may not be compatible yet.

Part new and part used gaming PC

Client had a Acer gaming system that had overheated and damaged the CPU. Adding extra cooling to OEM systems is not easy as they are often custom designed cases. Because of this we agreed to build a new system and salvage usable parts from the Acer.
Large heatsink and added airflow will allow this system to run games without the danger of overheating. It also has lots of upgrade potential.