BIOS update

A nervous wait for a BIOS update to complete. I’ve done many BIOS updates but still sweat a little hoping it all works 🙂

Windows install repair

A feature update on Windows broke the RAID setup on this laptop so the computer would no longer boot. Rather than repair the array it was better to replace the small cache SSD with a larger one and just use that for Windows.
Laptop now runs much faster and shouldn’t have any problem with future feature updates.

NAS setup

Supplied and setup a NAS box for a small local business to automate there backups and provide redundancy in case of computer problems.

Small form factor PC

Another build in a small mATX case with 1TB SSD storage and 250GB Windows drive. Not quite finished in this photo as I’m waiting for a 10GbE Ethernet card to install for a very fast connection to a NAS.

Chromebook repaired

This Chromebook’s OS was damaged and it wouldn’t boot. There is a special screw on these that had come loss so the OS could be modified and had corrupted. Replaced screw and reinstalled OS.


Installed memory and SSD in this tiny NUC PC for a customer that wanted a small, powerful PC for under the TV.

Installed Windows 10, transferred data and setup in 4K for a great picture.

Up to date!

This laptop had only 32GB SSD. Free space was only 300MB so Windows could not function correctly or install important security updates.
We freed up enough space, then backed up clients data and installed the latest Windows 10 update. All went smoothly and there is now 7GB free for Windows and we also installed a 64GB SD card for extra storage in the future.