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Here is a list of some of the services we can offer you and also your business.
If there is anything you are interested in and not listed please contact us to discuss your requirements further. Please also refer to our Service Policy to see our committment to you.

  • Website design and hosting
    If you've ever thought about getting a website we can help you with every aspect from website design through to getting it live on the internet. Visit out Website Services page for more information.
  • Upgrade Windows
    We will backup all your current data and delete and install the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Currently we are running Windows 8, which runs much better on older computers than the previous version of windows, Windows Vista. (Subject to your computer being compatible).
  • Upgrades
    We can upgrade anything inside your computer like your graphics card for better gaming, memory for better performance, hard drive for more storage space, processor for more speed and other internal upgrades.
  • General Computer Service
    This is where we will give your computer a once over. Remove all the dirt and dust that build up inside over time, remove any temporary files slowing your computer, remove any unnecessary programs and perform other performance enhancing tasks. Also we will install the latest and most secure updates for your installed applications including Microsoft Windows and Office and more.
  • Small Local Area Network
    Setting up a computer network for your home or business of 3 computers or more.
  • Cross-over Network
    Setting up two computers to communicate over a single cable to share files and internet access.
  • Broadband Internet
    Upgrade your internet connection from dial-up and setup a fast broadband connection as well as your email account.
  • WiFi Networking
    Install a secure wireless network so your computers and laptops can access each others files and all have access to the internet.
  • Internet Security
    Secure your computer by installing a Firewall for protection from internet hackers and a Anti-Virus scanner to protect from the millions of virus' on the internet.

We can also help with any problems you may be experiencing with your computer including:

  • An unstable computer
    This is often indicated by your computer freezing at random occasions, displaying a blue screen and your computer becoming very slow.
  • Internet and network connection
    This is when you keep losing your internet connection or your wireless laptop keep disconnecting from the network and other similar problems.
  • A Virus
    Virus' can sometimes go undetected if your Anti-virus software is not up-to-date or you don't have one installed. There are millions of virus' and they can all affect your computer differently. So if your computer is behaving abnormally a virus' maybe the problem.
  • Ad-ware and Spyware
    Ad-ware is generally integrated into certain programs that 'advertise' to you on your computer. Some can make pop-up adverts display at anytime. Spyware however is software that collects information about you and what you are doing on your computer. It can change settings and interfere with your internet browser. Spyware is something you will want removed.

There are many more problems you could be experiencing like loss of video or audio and programs not functioning properly. Please contact us if you are having any other issues.


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